4 Ways Wayfinding Digital Signage Systems Can Benefit Your Business

wayfinding digital signage

Wayfinding Digital Signage is a simple solution that provides direction to your guests. You can use it in two ways. One is as simple as a directional signboard placed in strategic places in the premises where people need to go and another is a full screen LCD screen wayfinding digital signage integrated with a handheld GPS device for an enhanced GPS experience. The latter option will give more information about location and usage rates. It also offers route diagrams which help you in getting traffic jams organized and reduce the number of mistakes made during navigation.

Wayfinding Digital Signage can be effectively used to: Provide easy and efficient access to areas of your establishment that are off-site. Add interactive touchscreens with customizable arrow guides. Share relevant data like meeting schedules with guests. Display customized content like custom messages, news and slide shows and make use of your guest s interactivity with the wayfinding digital signage.

Use wayfinding digital signage to: Organize the flow of traffic within a large workplace or conference room. Display important information and posters concerning company policies, schedules and marketing plans to all sections of the workplace. Provide directions to the restrooms, employee parking areas, cafeterias, rest rooms and the main entrance. For a well-organized workplace, you may need the assistance of a software program that can integrate all these functions into a single electronic user interface. An example of such a system is the “My Company Lookup” software program that provides a customizable business dashboard with one-touch access to all the major sections of your business.

Use wayfinding digital signage in: Emergency alerts and notifications can be sent to your mobile device using Bluetooth technology. You can integrate on-site and off-site alerts to help you reduce the potential risk of false alarms caused by false alarms. If you want people to know about fires, natural disasters and emergencies in general, you may need your emergency alerts to be sent to mobile devices, not just email addresses. The ” audible warning ” feature provides audible alerts to the audience if there is any serious threat to your business premises.

Use wayfinding digital signage in: Creating an online map of your premises is a great way to improve customer navigation. You can integrate online maps in your wayfinding system to point out specific sections of your business. It can also guide customers to restrooms, cafeterias and other essential locations. You can provide arrows on the map pointing to the appropriate locations. When customers enter the right areas, they will receive directions to their specific destination.

Create printable floor plans and street maps with your wayfinding digital signage: Printed maps are often outdated and hard to read. Customers need easy to understand floor plans and street maps to find their way around your workplace. Make sure all of the relevant information is on your printed maps. The interactive nature of digital screens makes it a good choice for directing customers to the right places. You can also integrate easy to use online tools that allow customers to enter their address and other types of important information into the program.